Static / Fuzzy Sound in Speakers


ive just installed my new system : Wadia 861 CDP plugged in directly to an Odyssey Stratos Amp via TMC Yellow Interconnects. My speakers are Audience Paris.

Well, when i switch on the Amp and the CDPlayer, i get this faint fuzzy sound coming from the speakers. Its like a continuous static sound you get from a TV set when theres a very bad signal. Its just there. I can still hear it when i start playing a CD when i stick my hear to the speakers, and i can certainly hear it when theres nothing playing, on both channels.

I really dont know where this sound comes from, and why im getting it. The AMP is brand new, so are the interconnects and the speakers. The CDPlayer is the only one thats been bought second hand.

Any ideas ?
You need to approach this in an organized way.

First, power everything off and disconnect everything from the amp except the speaker cables. Power on the amp. If you hear the noise then it's coming from the amp.

Next plug the interconnects into the amp but don't attach the cd player. Try again. If you hear the noise then it's the cables.

Next try the cd player without power it on.

Next power on the cd player.

Using this approach you should be able to locate the source of the problem.

Let us know what you find.

P.S. Remember to turn everything off when changing cables.
I had a similar problem with my Meridian 557 because I switched to XLR cable and left the RCA plugs blank.
After makeing up shorting plugs for the the RCA jacks
the noise went away. I still hear the slightest hiss but I would assume this is because the speakers are accepting
the signal from the power amp.
Ive checked piece by piece like you recommended Aragain.

With the amp only on, you can hear a faint noise. But you really have to stick your hear to the speakers in order to hear it. Very minimum.

With the cables on and no CDPlayer, no change.

When i power up the CDplayer, the fuzzy / snowy sound goes up noticeably.

However in checking with the other systems in my house (2) which are arguably less 'audiophile' than this one, i constantly hear this noise when sticking my ears to the speakers.

Is this a sound that every speaker makes when the power to the Amp and CDP are turned on ? Or should the speakers be dead quiet ?

Have only auditioned a 850 (doesn't have the digital inputs of your 861) but it was dead quite. Does owners manual for the 861 recommend any shorting pins for the 861's inputs? Might also want to email/call Wadia Customer support. I wouldn't try shorting pins in your amp unless specifically recommended by your amp manufacturer.