Step-up from Node2i for native AmazonHD streaming?

Considering the Node2i, but before pulling the trigger, looking for upgrade competitors:
  • Inputs: Wifi, BT5aptxHD, TOS/Unbalanced
  • Outputs: Unbalanced, coax SPDIF
  • Must have native AmazonHD
  • Control: apps for PC/Android, remote
What else meets these minimum requirements?
I’m a little confused at your input and output requirements. You have digital inputs, but also digital outputs, am I missing something?
Just run your CD player to one input on your preamp, integrated and the Node to another. The Node has digital out which is nice when you want to upgrade to a better DAC. The DAC in the Node is decent, no actually it’s really good for the money. If you’re thinking of bypassing the DAC in your current CD player and running into the Node, then yes you will not be able to do that. Depending on your CD player it might sound better than the Node, such as a my Cambridge 851C which I used to run my Bluesound Vault 2 into its DAC input. If you’re looking for best bang for your buck and flexibility down the road, buy a Node and a standalone DAC down the road with multiple inputs.
Agree with crn3371. What exactly are you trying to do? If you’re bypassing the DAC in your CDP and trying to use the DAC in a separate piece of equipment, then why do you need digital outputs from that piece of equipment? Conversely, if you’re using your CDP as intended then there’s no need to route digital output from the CDP.
Thank you for your replies. Goal is:

Streamer/pre-amp (coax-out) > miniDSP nanoDIGI (2x coax-out) > 2x Topping E30 DACs (RCA-out) > ATI multi-ch amp > LXmini speakers
The point of this is to
  1. Eliminate multiple AD/DA conversions as possible (system above has only one DA conversion
  2. Keep signal in digital domain as long as possible (for digital sources)
  3. Improve DAC SQ (currently, the final DAC is built-in on miniDSP4x10HD), which I have been told is inferior (muddy sound)

Other sources that need to input to streamer/pre are:
  • Phono with the following output capabilities: phono-level RCA, line-level RCA, USB
  • Multi-disc player: HDMI-out needs to connect to TV, coax is only remaining output
Streamer needs to provide pre-amp functions. However, it doesn't need to be only a streamer - it could be a streamer/integrated or any other configuration of integrated units... as long as it has coax out. The only streamer/integrated I can find that meets all requirements is NAD M32 w/BluOS MDC module.

However, I have to believe there are other AmazonHD-capable device that will also have coax in and out, act as pre-amp for other inputs, and control volume. I just don't know what they are.

I currently have NAD C388 with BluOS2i, and it has everything except coax output. So, I've been using its RCA out to input of miniDSP4x10HD, to ATI multi-ch amp. Although this actually sounds great, I'm looking for improvement (aren't we all), especially in the AD/DA conversions and DAC performance.
Like I already mentioned, I’m sure there’s something that meets your needs, but Amazon HD is going to be your Achilles Heal. Any particular reason you’re tied to Amazon? I’m sure the NAD M30 is a nice piece of kit, but using a $4k streamer to feed a $100 DAC doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. While price certainly isn’t the final arbiter of sound quality, it does have some bearing. A system is only as good as its weakest link and I’ve always subscribed to the belief that everything in your audio chain should all be from the same general quality tier. YMMV.