Step Up Transformer

I’m thinking of inserting a SUT into my system, and at this point the SKY20 from Bobs Devices seems to have it. Does anyone have experience with this SUT? It will be connected to Cadenza Black and either a McIntosh C70 or a PS Audio Stellar.


It is looking like the suggestion from one contributor and maybe indirectly others, for the action required to take a Step Forward that is noticeable and a betterment, to using a SUT, if the 'off the shelf' option is considered. Requires that to get the best of the experience without a SUT, monies are needed to be parted with, that can be up to a five figure sum.

The most expensive Commercial Product Phon' I have received a demo' off, is offered with a £10K retail price. This is a Phon' I have been in front of whilst in use on many occasions and it is a Phon' that has thoroughly impressed me. It is also a Phon' I am able to live without, as I have Phon's that are not of this Value, that offer a impression that is just as satisfying.

Bear in mind, both Phon's owned by myself, are very close in their base values to the £10K, when the electronics are being priced. I also believe the designs between the three Phon's are not too distant and there is a shared trait that can be discovered between the Phon's.

Five figure sums are not required to purchase a Phon' that can thoroughly impress.





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@edgewear : Btw, you could be one of the future owners of the 3180 that will be custom made due that the owner can choose between unit with 2 MC independent stages or one MC stage and one MM stage. In the MC/MM configuration both independent stages are different at the input gain stage due that in the MM we don’t use bipolar devices as in the dedicated MC but a different active input device dedicated to MM. Any one could has the opportunity to to arrive at a little " different " new " enjoyment world " through the 3180.


Anyway, the main issue is to enjoy MUSIC for any one of us.



This ha been a really good discussion. I was thinking of purchasing a SUT from Bobs Devices, simply because I didn’t know where else to look.

Are there any suggestions for an off the shelf step up transformer, one with wide frequency band and low distortion?


Not sure what you're after. Bobs Devices SUTs are certainly "off the shelf", and if you purchase one of their best SUTs, and one that is suitable to both your cartridge and your phono stage, you will probably have wide bandwidth and low distortion.

Pindac, I am not sure you directed a question at me, but if so, as regards voltage vs current, in the case of a SUT, you are aiming to amplify voltage, not current, so the fact that you lose current in proportion to the voltage gain is of no consequence to the downstream voltage driven phono stage.  The advent of current driven phono stages has muddied the water for some, but you'd never want to use a SUT with a current driven phono stage.

@rauliruegas it seems what you're telling me is that I would need to purchase one of those $25k+ Swiss devices (not sure what Moon is doing in that lineup) to be able to hear the superiority of active gain devices over a passive SUT. This will never happen, so it's a non issue.

But in more practical terms you're effectively saying that at less extreme price levels an SUT is in fact NOT inferior to active gain devices, just a different approach but equally valid. This confirms my own findings and it seems relevant information for folks not into that $$$$$ game. This is not whatsbest forum, so I should think regular music enthousiasts are in the majority here, not millionaires.