Has anyone else been having problems with receiving their subscription from Stereophile? 2 out of the last 3 months mine has not arrived, thus, forcing me to either wait for a month and have them send me another one or buy it at a news stand and receive credit.

It use to be that at least 1 time a year I would miss an issue. However, lately it more like 3 times a year. All of the other publications I receive are on time, which would include other desirable audio rags. Stereophile seems to think it is a mail delivery problem but I doubt it.

To there credit they have always complemented me with 2-3 issues for each one I purchased. Although, due to the increased inconsistancies I'm getting a little frustrated. Therefore, I'm trying to see if others are experiencing the same problems.

Thanks for your feedback!
I've subscribed for 5 years with 2 moves and they've always come through. A few have arrived about a week after it hit the newsstands, though.

But, overall, no complaints. BTW, I live in So. Cal.
I've not had any recent problems. My only problem was when I moved, they never seemed to be able to change my address and contacting them through their website was worthless. All in all, though, no problems.
For the past three months the month's magazine has been arriving in the first few days of the month. However, I'm a new subscriber so perhaps they're on their best behavior.