streamer Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1

I am buying new streamer(i stream 90% tidal and 10%ssd).  I am considering Lumin U1 or Aries G2.1.

Any suggestions,opinions would help.




Gerrie- I agree, why Tidal?  Spending all that money to use an inferior streaming service when Qobuz is available almost everywhere.

Lumin U1 to Tambaqui via Synergistic Research Gallileo Sx USB each having SR  Gallileo SX power cords is fantastic. Soundstage is enormous and so so clear/detailed. I love this front end and you don't have yet another step using roon and buying more cables and tinkering with the whole outboard third party power supply. Sometimes it seem to me like it's being stated by some retailers " BUY MORE, BUY MORE AND BUY MORE" and you might be getting there... or then the goalposts just gets moved again. Don't forget to enjoy where your at.....

My 3 cents

If Tidal, my vote is for Lumin cause Auralic has some strange and unusual way to decode MQA. 

Hello,  So I received my Aries G2.1 and inserted it between my Nucleus and DAC, with ethernet input and usb out to my Tambaqui DAC.  I got very nice cables, KS realization power cord and usb. The rest of my cables are KS Elation.  But, I installed it with stock power cable and usb cable to see what I got. 

Super easy to set up, using it as Roon Endpoint.  

Wow.  my wife and i were immediately impressed.  Much richer and organic sounding.  More lifelike, more palpable if that makes sense.  Bottom line, it sounds better and to me is worth it.  Can't wait to try the nice cables to see where it goes...

If bits are bits my new bits sound better. :)

So my Aries G2.1 has settled in nicely with the new cables.  It definately sounds better going form Aries (network attached) to Tambaqui via USB than prior with my Tambaqui connected to the network.