Streamer upgrade? follow up.

I posted the first part of this earlier in the week. There are a few other threads running concurrently here about this same subject.This is my personal experience with this situation.Ive been using a Aurender A100 streamer/dac which is they’re entry level unit, the SQ wasn’t horrible but I was pretty sure I could get it better.In a attempt to do that I purchased a Denafrips Pontus two and a DhLabs Mirage Usb cable to use with the A100 utilizing its Usb out.The two local hi fi dealers here in SO Cal both told me this would not produce much of an result and in my opinion after trying it they were both correct. So… as I stated in the first post I was coming from a “bit is bits” perspective which was I was convinced adding a better Dac would accomplish my goals, I just couldn’t believe that the zeros and ones  could possibly effect the quality of sound. But not being one to give up I decided in for penny in for a pound Id see for myself if there was anything to the other side of this conversation, I wanted a new toy for Xmas anyway.So I traded my A100 plus some cash to TMR ( nice people btw) for a shiny new Aurender N200 which arrived yesterday. Last night the moment of truth, I hooked up the new unit with the exact same everything as before in my system nothing different but the streamer.I let the tubes and everything else warm up for a few hours,picked a song I knew inside and out sat down and pressed play. Immediately within the first few notes of the Stones “ Wild Horses “ I knew I had made the right choice and that I was wrong believing  bits are bits “. I really don’t have adequate language to describe the difference in sound quality other than to say I feel like Im in someone else’s home listening to they’re far superior system, its that drastic.I can with complete confidence say this has got to be one of if not the most significant upgrades Ive made in my system, scouts honor!              PS. Grinin ear to ear here.                                                            


certainly WOULD give it a try but I need WiFi connection and have a perfect 800mb connection. Lumin, aurender, auralic all require direct Ethernet and that would be a pain as I have a 120 yo home with thick brick walls.

Bingo! Now you have a good reason why you cannot do anything else. It sounds to me you are convincing yourself that there is no benefit of using anything more expensive than a Bluesound Node as a streamer. Confirmation bias works both ways. You are not immune.

@thyname : No, not at all. I'm just looking for objecticity and your resposnse only confirms my main objection: You cant describe the sonic benefits and instead collapse under the weight of your own convictions in your more expensive choice.


THAT, thyname, happens all the time and I have been guilty of it for sure. Plus, instead of adopting some sort of confrontational tone, please expand your opinions into digestable and usable info. I am happy to try an Aurender and am not afraid of spending $ for value. I kjust did that on my LTA Z40+ amp.THAT was a mind-bending experince that can be immediately quatified!!!


DACS...? Yup, i get that.

Streamer heads...?...just like CD transports 10 years ago, the law of diminishing returns may well have been written to address this issue....!...;-)

@1extreme “Last night the moment of truth” Yes what Im trying to get across here is that its instantly apparent that sound quality has improved. The concern here seems to be my six grand ( paid five btw), the notion that I rushed to judgment or that Im not qualified to know what Im hearing. So to that ,been listening to it for four hours a day since it,s been in my system,the money, not a problem, as a life long musician and music fan I feel pretty confident of what I hear also. But nothing I can say will convince you ,I posted my experience here because I felt that it was an honestly conducted experiment that I myself wanted to know the answer to, but you gotta be open to that and your minds already made up.Why would I lie? Aurender,s not a publicly traded company I dont have any interest in it. Audio is just a hobby of mine I’ve got a few , Enjoy!

@ianrmack :

I'm just looking for objecticity and your resposnse only confirms my main objection: You cant describe the sonic benefits and instead collapse under the weight of your own convictions in your more expensive choice.

So you expect other people to convince you? Breaking news!!! They owe you nothing. Figure it out for yourself.


There are literally hundreds of threads here on streamers. But you fail to read or search for them. Why? Confirmation bias. You only seek information that confirms your preconceived beliefs, and ignore those who don’t. The very definition of confirmation bias.


Or you can try for yourself. Oh wait! You can’t! Due to the lack of Ethernet. Then you choose to agonize in the internet about why people who do try are likely hallucinating, and these things do nothing. All evidence points you are firmly entrenched in your bunker. Me thinks. Trying to reason with you by showing you “objective evidence “ is a complete utter waste of time.