Streaming DAC recommendation

Hello, I am researching about a streamer + DAC combo. My setup has 802 D3 McIntosh MC462 and C2600. I am looking to replace the C2600. I only listen to streaming or local files via Roon. No longer have a turn table, so I think the C2600 may not be the best pre-amp for this use case. I am considering Cambridge audio Edge NQ. I have not seen a lot of discussion around that product. I will be greatly thankful for recommendations, products similar to edge NQ. I want to keep the budget under 5K , used gear.
Thank you!


Well, lots of good recommendations here so I’ll add a couple more because I’m prone to complicate things.  First, I’d recommend a separate DAC and streamer.  Second, if user interface is important to you an Innuos streamer may be your best option.  As far as a DAC, that really depends on what kind of sound you’re looking for so need more info to make a recommendation there.

My recent experience echos those here who recommend separating server, streamer, and DAC.  I actually moved my server to a separate room with my modem and router, and their own dedicated power line, leaving my streamer and DAC in the room with my main system.

I also believe the streamer and especially the DAC can make a significant difference in the quality of sound you hear.  Adding a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical streamer to feed my DAC via USB was an improvement, and not just because of the optical connection because I was already using fiber connections.  However, I am still interested in trying out the Innuos Pulsar based on the many positive endorsements as well as the ability to compare their Sense app to Roon, which I use now.

Can't go wrong IMO with a Lumin. I have a T3 and I really like it. I wrote a comparison here of it and the HiFi Rose 150B (streamer/DAC) if these are candidates you find interesting.   

Thanks. I ended up ordering a T2 and Michi P5 as pre.

I will have compare T2 vs P5 and see how to wire them up