Stromtank S2500 mk II

Hello Audiogon members - would appreciate your opinion(s) from the owners of this product as well as others who have listened to them and had their own ideas. Please note : this is a question just for Stromtank products and not about the merits or personal opinions on line conditioners themselves. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you in advance ......  


.......what I am learning is that it I think that it is still AC power going into your system as the Stromtank is essentially a regenerator but uses Lithium batteries as it source. The Stromtank is also able to switch from AC to DC battery mode when needed or during recharging of the battery which can occur even while listening. Great idea with a cost ......please correct me if I am wrong.   

The Stromtank is nothing but a low distortion sine wave inverter and battery and charger in a box.....and marked up a million times and made to look good so audiophiles will spend tons of money on it. Have you heard of the Giandel inverters? You can buy a 5000 Watt pure sine wave inverter for $900 (2000 watter for $329) and then add as many Lithium batteries as you need (you also need a good charger....maybe $1-300). If you have a class D system then one 100 amp hour battery will last you all day. These things are amazing. Please see my website for, I do not sell them. Check this out....says it sounds as good as Stromtank for $450.....and I use a modified version of this thang (I cannot afford a Giandel....but will take donations to buy one):

If you add a Puritan line filter after the Giandel then you get even lower noise.....then add your own ground rod for your stereo and a filtered ground system like Puritan will hear things you NEVER heard before....goosebumps on top of goosebumps.

Or you can spend a TON of cash on a German StromTANK.....he he.....maybe a Panzer in disquise? The only thing you get with the that when it runs out of battery power in automatically switches to the overjoyed at that advantage.

Please check out my website for lots of info on Gaindel and Puritan.

As always......please remember that you are loved and adored by God, and your very own self.  Enjoy this is the only moment that you will ever have....this very moment.  Feel the beauty that you are......take time to acknowledge the beauty in each other......we are all magnificient!  You are just as beautiful today as when you were first born........Baby deserve it.


i have had plenty of seat time at Audio Ultra , Ed is a wizard and gets awesome sound, fixed Fremers’ trash power problems. Ed uses great engineering principles, super execution and Stromtank and his own line of panels.


??????? So, your friend and dealer Ed knows everything about AC power and audio? No, he cannot. No one (including me) knows diddlysquat. There is no actual objective measure in audio. And EVERYTHING you do changes the sound. We are all very ignorant of the possibilities.

What if Fremer used a couple of Giandel systems and Puritan filters....could be way, way better than what Ed did for him. KNOW ONE KNOWS......we are in the dark....however, you can try things and find out for yourself.....or just pay your dealer big bucks because "he is an expert". Maybe it will sound better.....and if you can afford what you spent and like the results....that is all that matters. However, you really have no idea of what other possibilities there are (and for fractions less money) unless you actuall try other things in your system.

Did you read my post? Have you A/Bed a $27K Stromtank that holds 2100 watts with a $2K Giandel system that does 5000 watts? What do you know from direct experience? Has Ed bought and listened to the Giandel system? (of course not....he cannot make any money off it).

Someone can buy the Giandel and batteries and charger ($2K) with money back guarantee and borrow a Stromtank from a dealer and listen for your self. But, You say that is too much are a lazy would rather give thousands to the dealer because he needs to make payments on his new Maserati.

What do you want? To spend money? buy cool stuff? have the best sound?....even if it means spending less? Do you want to be happy? Then choose it now.....right this is your next breath. Audio is just a game......not even in the same league as love and joy and fun and creativity and peace.....which is all available right now. Of course, you can do audio while you are in love.....I recommend it. Do everything while making love. For there really is nothing but God making love to itself.....forever. Can you dig it?

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