third of my tracks are 'unavailable' using Qobuz

Hi all, I am now thinking this might be a common occurrence with any of the music services but I went to my favourite playlist I created using Qobuz and suddenly 20 tracks out of the 63 tracks I have added is now unavailable? I guess Qobuz is like popular video streaming services where movies come and go. That is disappointing :(

I am in Canada by the way. Wishing everyone the best from beautiful Nova Scotia! 

I totally understand your side...there is something very special to be had when you can touch and hold a vinyl record or a CD. You can see your collection and investment. 

But the advantage of streaming is the shear volume of music you can browse from and the quality from a good DAC is very acceptable with my old ears. I enjoy all mediums because it gives me choice. I am starting up a vinyl and CD collection again which makes me feel like a teenager again. 

Bill from Nova Scotia
It looks like Genius Loves Company and a bunch of Ray's other latter albums are all missing from Qobuz.
I noticed Neil Youngs music has been removed from Tidal,  some kind of dispute about his "masters".
I am soon going to start a trial of Qobuz, now that my SBT can sign in to it (oh, yes, it can!).  I expect I can stump Qobuz as easily as I have stumped Tidal (I listen to some pretty obscure stuff). But this will be my first time paying for music streaming, and I am excited to try it out.
@bondmanp  -- I've been extremely pleased with Qobuz over the past two years. I also have a local library with a lot of obscure stuff, but then I've never expected my collection to be replaced by a streaming service.  However, I find the following aspects of Qobuz VERY attractive:
  • Listening to new releases and material that I don't have in my own collection. I've found several dozen artists and albums that I wasn't familiar with that are now part of my regular rotation. I'll just sample the new releases in various genres -- sometimes the song plays for only 5 or 10 seconds before I move on, and then sometimes I go "wow!"
  • Better quality copies of some of my old material.
  • Being able to instantly audition an artist or material that others have told me about or that I've heard elsewhere.
  • Being able to check out hi-rez options.
I think you'll enjoy Qobuz if any of those aspects appeal to you.