Surge and Conditioning

Hi all, I have a Marantz SR5011 and McIntosh MC300 as the main components in my system. I live where we have lightning throughout the summer. I am contemplating adding a surge protector and power conditioner to the system. I have an in wall 20a plug in and breaker. I don’t really want to spend $3000 for mcp500 but curious what more knowledgeable people here think about it?  Thanks in advance.


@lonemountain  awesome summary, thank you!  Question for you as I looked up your company’s offerings, which are impressive; however, beyond my budget for this piece (for now). Knowing that, what would you recommend under $500 to $900?  Thanks!

I'd look for smaller transfomer isolated device, from other companies.  Equitech starts at 15A, but I think there are 5A and such on the computer market.  It looks like Tripp Lite makes smaller ones..