Synergistic Research Tungsten IC... any experience

Any experience with these SR Tungsten IC?  

I stumbled onto one and would like to get some opinions on it. 

List for a 1m RCA is $2000 (prices per the cable company). If you have the UEF bullets (silver and grey with grooves) figure 35-40% of retail so $700-800. If with the older bullets (silver, grey and black and no grooves) then 25-30% or $500-600. Most recent listing of an older one at $850 seems to have been unsold. Obviously i assume you have the box and MPC and that the cable is in perfect condition. Above prices are realistic and reflect what i sell and buy for among similar cables. Most dealers will give you substantial breaks off list price for new cables so always bear this in mind
Hi Simon, Thanks for the kind words. I actually ended up purchasing Joey_V's SR Tungsten ICs. With my V2 modified SR MPC on them they are simply outstanding.  You might be interested to know that I have recently been experimenting with a different main power supply cap that has much more lower mid range and bass power and heft. A few of my other customers have commented to me, and on the Agon forum thread that with this new cap installed they really can't hear any difference between it and their Transporter when used on their Power Cells and Tranquility Bases.