system number 2

Well looks like I've collected enough gear to almost put another system together. I figure it can go with my movie setup which I can pass right through on the preamp. Parts are VTL TL2.5, Krell KAV-150a, and Rotel rcd-1072. What would be your choice for speakers in order to create the best sound given the components I have to work with?
Honestly you could pick any speaker that appeals to you. I can't think of a speaker that you couldn't drive. Even sensitive speakers may do well with more than enough juice as long as you don't mind not having a lot of play on your volume knob.
What this does allow you to do is try out a speaker you may have been interested in if your budget permits it. BTW what is your budget?
Focal Electra's first series has come down significantly, I set a friend of mine up with a pair of 905's and they sang quite well.

Personally for a budget system Id like to look for the product that put a company on the map, or a companies first effort into something new. Its when they have to work hardest to actually impress the public and give them a reason to actually pay attention to them instead of the guys with giant advertising campaigns.

Have you considered at all building or having a set of speakers from scanspeak or focal drivers? I really like the scanspeak drivers and have always loved focal's drivers.