System Upgrade Input

Hi everyone,

I have had my existing system for many years now, which is comprised of the following:

-Modwright Sony 999ES with Signature Truth mods and upgraded power supply

-Belles 21A tube (12au7) preamp with Auricap upgrade

-AES Six Pac EL34 monos with Jensen paper-in-oil cap upgrade

-Merlin TSM-MX with upgrades to MXE status

-TG Audio (Bob Crump) and Harmonic Technology cabling, various PC’s and conditioners, etc.

I've got the itch to upgrade my system, spending maybe an additional $2,500 out-of-pocket.  I am looking for upgrade ideas, trying to get more detail, separation, soundstage, body, etc.  I’m thinking maybe the pre is the weakest link?  As such, I was looking at the usual pre’s: Sachs, Ultraverve, Chardonnay, etc.  But then I was also thinking maybe instead sell the amps and pre and get a tube integrated or a new set of separates?  Sell the amps and keep the pre?  In any scenario, I wish to keep the CDP and speakers.  Oh, and definitely need a remote control to use.

Any input is appreciated.



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Thank you both for your input, it is appreciated.

MC - Raven has some nice offerings!  If I sold my amps and pre and added some $$$, I would probably go with the Osprey integrated.  I wish the pre tubes were 6sn7's though.

SQ77 - Insightful about the speakers and their low frequency limitations, I will have to review this.  I have never felt like I have been missing much in the lower frequencies, but the impact on the imaging I never thought about.


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Have you thought about treating the room instead?
GIK can analyze your room and give recommendations on number/type/positioning of panels.