Takayuki 300B vs Western Electric NEW Production 300B

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had the good fortune to audition or own both of these fine 300b tubes?

I am particular in the "New Production"  Western Electric 300b, which seems to be heading in the right direction, vs the Takayuki 300B, which mimics the original Western Electric, and many have stated is a very good 300b.

Both are approximately the same price, with the Western Electric coming with a 5 year warranty.

I'll be using a matched pair in my Vinnie Rossi L2iSE integrated preamp section. Just which brand?

Any comments would be appreciated in sound quality choices.

I talked to a guy who has both the TAK’s and the new WE’s in a VInnie Rossi L2i. He didn’t come off any detailed comparison other than to say  if forced to pick between the WE and the TAKs, he’d pick the WE, that it’s everything a 300b should be… Other than that, I think I read elsewhere that the WE’s have tighter bass than the TAK’s. 
Hey Xsparky. I too have an L2i-SE and am thinking about trying out some different 300B’s. I keep bouncing around between the Takatsuki, Elrog and new issue WE’s and was wondering what you settled on, if anything. 

Hello, I have both.   Tak’s are more detailed and neutral.  Seduce you with their air and grace.  Tad more dynamic than the WE’s with slightly better imaging. WE’s are sweeter, more midrange focused, still very smooth and great tonal saturation.  Cannot lose with either.  I’ve had both for months and still don’t know which I like better.  I think the tak’s are a little more true and reference grade whereas the WE could be considered a more enjoyable (sugar coated) listen. 

Adding to that: WE’s has bigger bass, TA is more lean and sculpted. WE projects vocals through the midrange, the Tak’s are tilted up and deliver them more through the treble region. Soundstage size is similar, but as mentioned above Tak’s have more laser beam imaging, WE imaging has less negative space separating the instruments and is more liquid.

if you have a hot tweeter then the Tak’s should be ruled out. WE’s are more forgiving in the treble. Both have top notch purity. I think I prefer the WE’s as the Tak’s can kinda wear you down after some time.