Tall Tower Speakers for $10-14k

Looking for full-range tower speakers at least 50" tall. Would be great if they have integrated subs to help with the lows. They also need to look really nice (like Canton Reference 1.2 look). Max I am willing to spend is $14k delivered in NYC. Please list any suggestions here. Thanks!
I'll make a shameless plug for my Acoustic
system international tango speakers too - up for sale :)
Fourfour, I have a very unique pair of towers that we are about to list if you are interested. WEGG3 Loudspeakers, model Lunare 3. These have been our floor model for a couple of years and we are ready to move them. MSRP was $24K and we are willing to sell them for $12K. They are 55.5" tall including the stand. Here is a link for more info on the manufacturers website. http://loudspeakers.wegg3.com/lunare3.php
I would seriously consider the Acoustic Zen Crescendos.Very nice looking and stunning sound at 50" height I believe.And true full range to boot.