Tara labs burn in

I purchased a new one Tara labs muse power cable for my phono preamp audio research ref2. (20A plug) . At around 180 hours of burn in I am disappointed of the bass response. It has not the authority I was expecting especially compared to my previous one (transparent mm2x). In fact, the bass remains the same now and at the start of burn in period. On the other hand , mids and highs have shown great improvement
.1. Does the cable need more hours of burn in? 
2. Does the cable show improvement in the bass after 180 hours of burn in? I think that during burn in period , you mostly get improvement in mids and highs and not bass.
3. Is it perhaps a wrong match with the phono preamp,

any ideas?
The answer to your question  is 500 hrs, I have had numerous different Tara Lab's cable's since 1995, so yeah, I would know. 
Have TARA Labs Muse speaker cable it is sounding wonderful after 200hrs I guess it will improve further after 300 or 400 hrs etc.