Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

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@tvrgeek - I would wager that anyone who buys a better switch already knows that they don’t measure better. They just want them and I think that’s a good enough reason. I think Alvin from Vinshine (Denafrips) said it best. He said that as a computer professional he knows the switch doesn’t make a difference, but as an audiophile, he wants to feel he is doing everything to make sure his system is the best it can be.  Yes, he does sell switches, but that doesn’t mean his comment isn’t true. People want what they want. Leave ‘em alone and let them have fun. 

Except, there seems to be a contingent here who absolutely, positively, believes they make differences ( or sell them themselves, I don;t know) and do their best to convince other who are happy with their systems that they are wrong and their systems stink unless they shell out copious amounts for snake oil.  A big disservice to the community in search of better sound. I try to suggest facts. Then one can decide if they want to feel better or not.  Not everyone knows how IP works so it is not hard for the fraudsters to take advantage of them.  Just wanting it is a perfectly good reason to buy it. Ascribing magic to it is not a reason to install inferiority to some one else. 

I have stated MANY times, if it makes you happy, then you are happy. Real or imagined as everything we hear is actually imagined. 

Not everyone knows how IP works so it is not hard for the fraudsters to take advantage of them. A big disservice to the community in search of better sound. I try to suggest facts.

An allegation of fraud is serious business. Of course, it's easy to make such claims here, as you so ably demonstrate. You do it again and again, repeating it over and over, and it establishes you as a "spokesman" for "victims" you've identified. It's just a ruse. 

But if you were serious, if you really wanted to do a service for your fellow humans, you'd attack this "fraud" where you could make a difference: through the courts. A template has been established for this by Stephen Tuttle, et al. and you can get rich if you and your attorneys simply follow the process.

You Can Get Rich From 'Snake Oil'!

Remember: You're attacking fraud because you know how IP works. You have nothing to lose, unless, of course ...

Sounds like a few folks here have purchased "audio quality" switches and their ego is bruised. No one likes to know they have been had.  That is just being human. 

I have provided links to the technical description of how IP and Ethernet work.  That is my evidence.  It is pretty clear it is impossible. All you need to do is to read it. No viewpoints. No opinions. No hear-say.  Technical how it works.  IP does not use magic.  V64 MODEM error correction looks like magic if you want to dig deeper.  But it is actually just math.  It even makes GCR backwards error correction look simple.

I have also repeatedly challenged the "believers" to provide any evidence of how a working to spec layer one can effect the audio. Any hind of a path.  If there is something we do not know, that would be important.   Nope, Only get attacks.  Claiming a switch makes a difference is the extraordinary claim so extraordinary evidence needs to come from that side, not the side of established science. 

As I have not purchased such snake oil, I have not been damaged, so I would have no standing in a suit against said fraudsters. At least that is what I learned in the basic  business law classes in college.