Testing Ethernet switch

If you have bought an "audio" Ethernet switch, don't bother with this thread 

If you question Ethernet switches, here is one test of one brand. 

Search You-Tube   Linus Tech Tips  Aqvox



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82% of internet statistics are made up, including a lot in this thread.


@jeffrey125  low end speakers are low end speakers, but I am always interested in hearing new systems. But going back to your comments on resolving, yours is not a resolving systems, sure expensive DAC, but your speakers are holding your system back. And going after others saying they don’t have a system that resolves enough when your own systems can’t resolve at all, is hilariously hypocritical.

And it doesn’t change anything, “audiophile” Ethernet products are snake oil and nothing more, as evidenced by OPs link in the first post. 

Does anybody think anything useful can come out of these puerile exchanges?  All they do is shut down a useful thread. Think before you type!

Freddy, Freddy, Freddy.  You have succumbed to your emotions by shouting “Snake Oil” (same as your cohort, the Geek) which means that you have lost the technical argument.  “Snake Oil” is a meaningless term, an emotional term used to sling mud at someone or something when out of exasperation you cannot think of anything else reasonable to say.

And before you go there:  Clown is a technical term and I defined it as such.  You keep calling me a clown but by definition, I am not.  Ok, maybe I am but I still have great sounding streamed music and TV picture.