The Best Live album

What are some good live albums/cds you own? Good sound is a nice bonus.

You may put down whatever you want such as "Get your ya ya's out", but are there some maybe we haven't all heard about yet?

The best I have bought lately is Delbert McClinton, "Live", a 2 CD set of a concert in Norway. Just excellent blues big band. I mean this album just smokes, Oh yeaahh, with excellent sound to boot.
Funny as it may seem but I was listening to Jessica Williams "Live at Yoshi Vol 1" when I was going through this thread and noticed this was mentioned by Oregonpapa in his post which happens to be the last one and dates back to over five years ago. Beautiful album and especially the 5th track "Heather" is stunningly beautiful, some superb piano playing on the whole album.

Here are some I like and thought were good enough to be included on this thread.

Carole King - Live at Carnegie Hall (Mofi SACD)
Dimeola, McLaughlin, De Lucia - Friday night in San Francisco
Sting - Live in Berlin

I hope folks here will continue this thread as in the last five years there have been many great live albums come up, some reissued in high rez too.

Will check back.
Yes the J geils Full House is one great concert.I saw that show that year and no BAND has ever had that level of energy.Peter Wolf was one of the great front man.
Also my Favorite are Humble Pie Rocking The Fillmore.
and Deep Purple Made in Japan.Both of these were just pure power.Back when stage volume was quite powerfull.