The first review on the Linear tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier has gone up

My review on the superlative Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL preamplifier has gone up on  I hope very much anyone that is looking for one of the best tube based preamplifiers, regardless of price, takes a look at the details of way, in my opinion, this David Berning based line-stage would bring your system to another level of overall performance.  Because of LTA's policy, you could hear it in your own system and in anyway you are not satisfied you have a 30 day return timeline.  I purchased my review sample and am extremely happy I did because of what this preamplifier brings to my system.
Hey supabayes,

The Pass Labs HPA1, used as a preamplifier, is a terrific performing linestage.  I wrote a review on it and found that it surpassed the performance in my system of the Pass Labs three box reference preamp for so much less money.  What Pass Labs learned/applied in your preamplifier was brought to the new generation of their linestages.

However, the HPA1 cannot bring to the sonic table what the Berning ZOTL circuit with the right tubes does which revolves around the purity of tonality/timbres of instruments, 3D holographic imaging and space between the players, and an overall sense of "aliveness" that SS just can't quite deliver.
Because it is not balanced... (though one can option it).

From the LTA User Guides Section:

Inputs: There are 5 inputs to the microZOTL Preamplifier. All are single ended (not balanced). Four are RCA stereo pairs. Input 5 uses combination XLR/Phone Jack inputs. These are not true balanced inputs unless the optional True Balanced Input option has been purchased and configured at the factory. Connect your DAC, CD player, Phono Preamp or other line level device to these inputs.

Preamp Outs: There are two identical preamplifier outputs. These are also single ended (not balanced). Connect your amplifier or subwoofer to one of these outputs.

I don't get why this info isn't in LTA's main page for their Preamp. For example, a list of Inputs and Outputs.

Even worse is not including a photo of the rear panel on the same page.
I am interested in this preamp but trying to find out more info. 

1. What is S/N ratio

2. Also most of its specs are for 4 ohm speakers not the more typical 8 ohm speakers. Is there a reason for this?