"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".


I am very fortunate in having heard this amazing song performed live by The Band on their tour in support of the s/t "brown" album. The only other live music experience I’ve had that equals it was hearing Little Village perform John Hiatt’s "Lipstick Traces" on a soundstage in Burbank in ’92. The Little Village album was not so hot, but they sure were!

The Beatles? Saw them in ’65. Hendrix? Saw him in ’68 and ’69. Cream? Saw them in ’67 and ’68. The Who? Saw them in ’68 and ’69. Who else ya wanna name? Sorry, hearing The Band live spoiled me for just about EVERYONE else. Not Iris DeMent, whom I just saw this past Thursday. Stunningly great!


Here’s J.R. Robertson, Eric Levon Helm, and some other guy talking about the song and its’ creation:






@rel: Touche!

In my defense, my only excuse is that I never before typed either Calvary or cavalry. Looking at the word calvary now, it doesn’t look even close to how cavalry sounds. Now that I think about it, I've been aware of Calgary (the city in Canada), but being the heathen I am I don't think I was aware of the word Calvary. Sunday School was a LONG time ago!

On the other hand, in The Band’s recording of "TNTDODD", the word Stoneman’s is clearly audible. At least to everyone but Joan. Maybe she heard the LP on a crappy turntable 😉. I love her anyway.


Hilarious post! Thanks for pointing out what I missed. Yes, we all make mistakes...t

Regarding Robbie’s behavior, I suppose musical genius and being a jerk are a not necessarily mutually exclusive. RIP to a gifted song writer.


More corrections:


I described New Buffalo as a "quarter", when they were actually a quartet.

And I said Dave Edmunds had two "precious" albums prior to making his Swan Song Records debut Get It. They were actually previous albums.


Emily Litella lives!