The Power Company

Would like to hear from all who have one of these unit. are they as good as they say?
Hello, I auditioned one in my home and the next day bought one. I heard and saw immediate improvements in my system. The dynamics in sound dramatically improved and the noise floor was lowered. I connected a Proceed Amp 2, Sony DVP-S7700 DVD, Lexicon DC-1 and Mitsubishi 51" rear projection TV. The picture of the TV improved in detail and color. I am going to add a second in conjuction to evaluate the improvement this provides. I recommend this product wholeheartly and believe this is the best and least expensive upgrade that I have done since I started this hobby.
I read your responce to the r.gray power company. if you or anyone you know are looking for these units, I have (10) in stock. please reply if interested.
Yea ,you can e-mail at or call e after 4 est 843-986-9466
I am interested to the r.gray's power company. Where i can see this unit? I need additional info. Please e-mail me at Thanks.Marco