The review wehave been promising is up


I agree with above that the review out of context of direct comparison is pretty useless. 

Virtually all TAS reviews are like this.  Never bother to do comparisons, and frequently they don’t even list the equipment in the reference system so you can’t even infer what they were using as a baseline.  And, when they do bother to list the reference equipment they frequently leave out the reference piece that would be comparable to the review component.  They go to great pains to not be held accountable for any of the crap they just feel like spewing out.  Useless, self-affirming drivel is all it really is. 

Of course he is. He wrote another post about it. Unclear why Audiogon allows a salesman to harass us to buy stuff from his store. 

audio Troy we don't want any of your shameless advertising to push your products on here this is for people to give their comments about things, if you want to push your crap go to the sales page on this site.


couldn't agree with you more that's all they ever do is come on here and try and sell and push their stuff, the guy even thinks paradigm persona sound good LOL, that beryllium midrange and tweeter are so bright and edgy it's not even funny, and he even thinks that the monitor audio platinum aren't up there with the best. a friend of mine compared the platinum 500 to the $75,000 focal and he said that the platinum 500 was much better.