The State of Streaming Audio

The State of Streaming Audio - Hi-Res Music, Dolby Atmos, Best Streaming Platforms (a panel discussion on YouTube)

The State of Streaming Audio Skip around. Some will like this and some will fall asleep. Minute 28.15 is very useful talking about Soundiiz for transferring palmists.

Great advice about networks!



Streaming audio is the term given to receiving audio mostly music over the Internet. The compressed music files are delivered in real time to a computer or smartphone and played directly. The streaming requires specific software that performs the transfer, memory buffering, decompression, and playing. See more information you because you bought a $5k streamer and the Node was just as good.  Pray tell what did you buy so I can stay away from it.

To DrBay's comment, we are all unique individuals.  For many people's ears and in relation to their equipment, they may not be able to tell the difference between the components you mention.  Others however, can tell the difference.  We are all different and the end goal is enjoyment of the music.  What pleases some will not please others.  Spend up to the point that one can not tell the difference.  As someone once told me, my ears are poor but my wallet is fat !!  

Have a great weekend everyone.  

Bluesound Node Gen 3 with Focal Arche DAC/Amp for bedroom (headphone) use.

Naim Uniti Atom HE DAC/Amp/Network Streamer for main (small office) listening room - headphone and speakers.

Roon + Tidal HiFi for organizing/streaming local HiRes files and streaming online content.

IMO - (for the money), doesn’t get any better than that.


@gwilmot Try Qobuz if you haven’t and it’s available in your area.  You can do a free trial, and most here seem to prefer it over Tidal for sound, more hi-res content, and user interface.  I switched to Qobuz a while ago and never looked back.  FWIW. 

+1 on Qobuz. In fact, my perception of the relative sound quality of streaming services.has Tidal sounding worst of all of the streaming services as of Nov 2020.

1. Qobuz

2. Primephonic

3. Spotify Premium (320 kbps Ogg Vorbis which is not lossless)


5. Amazon HD

6 Tidal