The State of Streaming Audio

The State of Streaming Audio - Hi-Res Music, Dolby Atmos, Best Streaming Platforms (a panel discussion on YouTube)

The State of Streaming Audio Skip around. Some will like this and some will fall asleep. Minute 28.15 is very useful talking about Soundiiz for transferring palmists.

Great advice about networks!



@gwillis MQA uses an algorithm that someone at Tidal thinks makes the music sound better but alters the original content.  Qobuz doesn’t do that, nor does it require you to have an MQA-compatible DAC or do all of its silly unfolding.  To me, the only benefit of Tidal is that it works better in mobile situations because it’s less demanding of bandwidth, but even that’s less of an issue as 5G rolls out so there’s that.  As a bonus, Qobuz has a ton more hi-res content than Tidal and, to me, a better user interface.  I switched from Tidal to Qobuz a couple years ago and will never go back, and many here have done the same.  Hey, it’s free to try and see what you think.  There are also differences in their libraries/genres so that could be significant too.  Decide for yourself. 

I have had Qobuz and Tidal for a few years and I prefer Tidal for the MY MIXES feature. It makes mixes based on you listening patterns, your library, along with Tidal's recommendations.

I have a very eclectic mix of music that I listen too and I regularity see new curated Tidal mixes for me that seem to always lead me to great new discoveries. I have been on a early 70's R+B and Soul bender for a while now. One Tidal Mix I tried last night went deep into the artist catalogs and led me to discover new artists, such as The Jackson 5. A group I thought from a distance was really bubble gum music, but there are some good tracks in their catalog.

This is a bit different from ROON Radio which seems to focus on more well known songs.


OK you talked me into it. I signed up for the 30 day trial.

BTW, is it weird that on the same day I did that I also bought 2 vintage RTR tapes (Beatles and Hendrix) on eBay . . .?