Thiel CS3.6

I own an ARC VT100 MKII and can get a Thiel CS3.6 at a reasonable price. Is the VT100 capable of driving the 3.6 adequately?
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My Thiels sounded like crap until I finlly bought a Threshold SA3. Only 50 watts but high current and smooth. Lovely combo. One of the stupidest things I've done in audio was to sell this amp when I sold my speakers because my new speakers needed more power, lots more. I've never used tube amps with Thiels but I did use a tube pre-amp in combo with the Threshold. Sounded pretty good!

Jab, I tried Adcom and Perreauxs - my ears still hurt! :-)
It'd be fun to hear a high watt/high current ss amp on my 3.6s, but I've been using a pair of Quicksilver 90 watt monos for a while. Maybe a tad loose on the bottom end on some recordings, but overall quite nice sounding. Good luck.
If the amp is comfortable at 2 ohms and the room is not too large, it should work fine. The Thiels crave current drive, not necessarily high wattage. If they don't get the current they need, they will sound bright and thin. Also, you should have 3 feet or more open to the sides and shouldn't sit closer than 8 feet from them.
If you give them those things, they are a delight, and one of the biggest bargains in used gear.
I have owned a pair of 3.6 since I bought them new in 1995.

IMO, they need a beefy SS amp to get them going. When I originally drove them with a Hafler 550 (255wpc) amp, I could not make them sing. Don't get me wrong, the sound was nice, but if you want them to sound their best, a powerful amp is a must.