Those simpler times.....

Ya' know, it's kinda funny. We're all spending a great deal of time concerned about tables, arms, cartridges, phono stages, cables, impedance matching, amps, pre-amps, speakers, etc. etc. Whatever happened to the simpler times ?.....I am all of a sudden fondly remembering my first college dorm room system, freshman year, 1973. An all-in-one Panasonic receiver, 8-track tape player/recorder, and turntable, with matching speakers. I think I paid all of $260 for the whole set-up (hard earned bucks, back then). I never even thought about my system. All I ever did was cue up the records.....Doobies, Allmans, Dead, Cat Stevens, Led Zep, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Loggins & Messina, Stevie Wonder, whatever.....and simply LOVED LISTENING TO THE MUSIC !!! No stress over all the stuff we seem to be stressing about today. Only the music mattered.

Don't get me's a lot of fun researching, buying, and enjoying all our "audiophile stuff," and I totally enjoy conversing with all you guys on these forums,.....but, do yourself a favor, grab one of your favorite old LP's, sit back, and think about those "simpler times." After all, isn't it all about the music ? Happy listening, my friends.
I totally agree with you on this. I grew up on records and no other medium takes me back to those times like vinyl. I really love the audiophile habits in general as well but you have to remember to stop fretting once in a while and just listen to those tunes you've always loved. That's why I don't completely get the threads about classic rock LPs sounding bad. They mostly sound good to me and it's what I like to hear. Is this the best version of Working Man's Dead I've ever heard? Who cares. I love this stuff.
I'm not much of a back-patter, but boy did you ever nail this thread. Anyone who tells me "Satisfaction" is not a great song because it is played on a Technics instead of a Linn is NOT a music lover. He/she is a lover of the endless hardware swap. And, yes, my lame high school system gave me infinitely more pleasure than any of the systems that followed. Why? Simpler, less worry, and the music of the 1960s was the sweet spot.
Hey Sonofjim......You're so right. Workingman's Dead and American Beauty.....Wow, the original Warner Brothers pressings..... Casey Jones, Dire Wolf, Ripple, and Sugar Magnolia.....those were the good old days.