Thoughts on my speaker selection?

Upgrading from Klipsch R-26F. 90% home theater use in a living room. Most interested in JBL 590 andRevel F36. Secondary interest in B&W 603 and KEF Q950.

Thoughts on these?

  • Model
    Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 (per speaker price)
  • Definitive Technology BP-9060
    $442 $456  
  • MartinLogan Motion 60XT
    $606 $519 $582
  • KEF Q950
    $642 $616 $835 $534
  • JBL 590
    $1,000 $500 $440 $308
  • Revel F36
    $750 $884 $809 $583 ($583*3, includes 2 F36 + 1 C25 center)
  • Paradigm Premier 800F
  • SVS Ultra Tower
    $879 $750  
  • Bowers & Wilkins 603
    $1,000 $800 $679
  • Revel F206
  • Power Sound Audio MTM-210T
  • Ascend Sierra Tower RAAL Ribbon Tweeter
Ever think about Tekton? Great reviews. Made in USA. Great price. Long wait time. 
My nephew just got the Definitive Technology BP-9080's with the remainder of the 9080 series for center channel and surrounds.  No need for a sub as the tower speakers have built-in powered 12" subs.  The 9060''s have contain 10 "powered subs.  One of my sons also has a Definitive Technology home theater set-up but with a soundbar, separate subwoofer and smaller surrounds.  I highly recommend that you go with the 9060's.  
Your not giving us enough to get good advice back. 
What are you trying to accomplish with an upgrade? Is there something you like about the Klipsch, or dislike? Room size, musical tastes, amplification, etc. Not sure how people can be so quick to advise without this information. 

Klipsch especially can be tough to upgrade from since they play very loud and go low with a tiny amount of power.  
I would try and better quantify what you want to get out of an upgrade and solicit more targeted feedback. 
If home theater were my main use I would look hard at the SVS towers.  For some reason SVS speakers have not caught on in the US - but they are seriously popular in Europe where they continue to win EISA awards.  
I have the SVS ULTRA TOWERS heard some of the other speakers. I blast blues rock and some electronic music and play jazz at moderate volume and the towers sound awesome, lots of punch and slam. Highs are slightly deficient but it could be my declining hearing. Best bang for the buck