Tired of My Thiel's!!! UPGRADE TIME???

I wondered If anyone feels that Thiel speakers are just too demanding and too sensitive to show off the great components you have behind them? My 2.3's are just not showing off all the great Meridian gear I have. Can someone tell me what speakers would sound great with a 508-24/504/502/557 combo with all tara labs cable (decade)?
I would first ask how "live" or "dead" is your room. The Thiels like a room on the dead side. I have a live room and the Thiels are no match. I am auditioning the Verity Fidelios and so far has been impressed. They have the speed of elestrostatics, they are small, well integrated, and sound great. I agree the Magneplanars are great speaker and you can not go wrong.
I have found that the revel line is a pretty natural uprgrade from the Thiels and works well with Meridian. I recognize that this is also a bigger ticket item, but it is a question of changing the Meridian or the Thiels. I think-like others-there are better matches.
If you have a dealer in your area that carries Transparent cable, give that a listen. You'll need at least MusicWave Plus, preferably MusicWave Super. The Transparent cable really took the edge off my Thiels and provided a fuller sound. It also lifted the soundstage vertically! Don't ask me how. I've been tempted by the Magnepan 1.6s since they get such great reviews; however there is no dealer in my area and the distant dealers I have spoken with say they don't have any on the floor to demo and are six months backordered. Also, I don't think they still make a center channel speaker which pretty much rules them out if your stereo also doubles as your home theater. The only other speakers that I have heard (I obviously haven't heard them all) that I would consider moving to are the Matin Logan electrostatics. Given the level of your system, I think synergy is really important. I have a Meridian/Thiel system and the Transparent cables provided the missing link for me. Good luck.