Top Ten Speakers of All Time?

Well its time for a new Top Ten Thread. WOW-Have I learned a lot.Thanks to all Audiogon members.Have had several e mail thanking the Top Ten Threads. We have a lot of new members just starting their High End adventure. Info was much appreciated. I will start the thread for the Acoustat 2+2 and Model 2 of which I still own and continue to enjoy. So lets have your top ten members. --- MANY THANKS ---
This is so interesting? The Dahlquist DQ-10 keeps coming up again and again? Are they really THAT good?

So far the best speaker I have listened to is the Magnepan 3.6. I'd like to hear the newer Quad's.
Sonus Faber Amati Homage
Avalon Acoustics Eidolon
Martin Logan Statement
Genesis 1.1

I could live with either of these 4.
Soliloquy 6.3 great speakers for the average guy wanting a great sounding system. Great sound and a reasonable price!