Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures

I am putting together a new 2 channel system! I am looking for a new pair of speakers and my budget is around $7000. This thread has to deal only with the Totem Acoustic Forest Signatures!!!!!!  I have always been a fan of Totem Acoustic and love the Totem sound.  I have owned almost all their speakers except for the element series and the Forest Signatures. I have been trying to find reviews on the signatures but can't find anything useful so I am turning to the Audiogon crowd.

Has anyone demoed these or does anyone currently own a pair or owned a pair in the past that can give some useful insight? I don't listen to my music at high volumes and my music mainly consists of R&B from the 50's till now.

The speakers will be hooked up to the following - Hegel H360 integrated 
- Hegel Cdp4a CD player 
- Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder interconnects
- Audioquest Wild Wood speaker cable
- Audioquest Wel Signature power cables
- Shunyata MPC12A power conditioner but looking to upgrade to their new Denali series.
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Hello bg3584, 

Good to hear from you again. What does your system consist of currently? 
How large is your room? 

Hi nutty, right now not much. I had a NAD receiver powering Sonus Faber Venere 3.0's but traded those in on the forests. Have some cables by some company no longer in business. So pretty much working with a clean slate on a budget. Room is 12x25ft wide. This is an open kitchen looking out to living area type room. Kitchen is off to the left of living area, no wall in between. So the listening area where the speakers would be would be more like 12x15ft of that. Hope that makes sense. Its just going to be a 2channel/tv setup. Would like to have internet streaming(spotify/tidal) and be able to connect to TV so TV plays through speakers. But, i'm on a budget, so i need some decent amplification and cables. I've been recommended signal cable and clear day shotgun cables which i will probably get. Just having hard time finding a good amplifier in my budget of 2k(ish) that fits the above criteria. 

Well somebody must have heard my frustration. Just like that a refurbished NAD M32 popped up for the first time in a couple months. So I picked it up! You guys are good luck! Thanks!


Congrats! Let us know when you get the system up and running. Very interested in your progress. 

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