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I building an Arros based 2-channel system for my 16 x 13 x 8 room. My listening position will be like 10 feet from the Arros. I listen to vocals, instruments, jazz and pop. This is what I am going with: Arros and REL Strata 3 (or) REL Stadium 3. But for building this set-up, I need some guidance from you.

1. I am thinking of using a Cary SLI-80 in the future. For now I want to go with either Jolida 302b (or) Primaluna Prologue 2. Which one would you recommend for better system synergy ?

2. Can the 40 watts from Primaluna drive the Arros to sufficiently good volume levels like 90 dB ?

3. Do we need to Bi-Wire Arros ?

4. What Speaker wire (or Bi-Wire) works well with Arros ? I am looking for reasonably priced ones as my budget is limited to $150 MAX for wires.

5. Can I Bi-Wire if I use Jolida 302b or Primaluna prologue 2 ?

6. What Interconencts are recommended between CD Player and Primaluna / Jolida ?

7. What power Source is reasonable choice ? ( $200 MAX )

I will highly appreciate your valuable input and will immensely help in setting up my 2 channel system.

Mike, you have some good ideas for amps and cables above. While I haven't heard either the Jolida or Primaluna with them, I have Arros and so can comment on how they may perform for you. I've run them on a 6550 based PP amp, and they sing!

Only issue I see is potentially not enough volume before the woofer bottoms out, like Machine says above. The sub will help, but you don't want to run your signal through the subs high pass circuitry as it'll muck up the Arros ability to dig out tiny detail. Your room is probably at the top end of the size the Arros will work in, even with a sub.

As for cables, I'd suggest the Speltz Anti-Cable. The Arro can be incisive to the point of overly bright, so if you go with a tube amp and mellower cables you'll help to avoid the nasties. Don't biwire until you're ready for a change.

Oh, and plug the amp directly into the wall.


I am not sure what you mean by "you don't want to run your signal through the subs high pass circuitry as it'll muck up the Arros ability to dig out ". Do you mind explaning it a little bit....particularly from the perspective that REL connections are made directly to the AMP terminals.


Not that familiar with the REL, my suggestion for sub hookup doesn't appear to apply. If your sub doesn't have a xover to filter out the bass from the Arro, please disregard my comment. When I ran through my sub -- not as well regarded as the REL, btw -- I found a general loss of detail the result.

Simply didn't want you to have the same thing happen and not get the full enjoyment from your Arros.
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The only thing I'd add is to skip the power enhancements and put the money into better speaker cables. Totem's own speaker cable is excellent, priced nicely, and very compatible with their speakers.