Touch up paint for Preamplifier ?

Does anybody have a suggestion for a paint color (and source) that comes close to the color of the stock metal that almost every black Amplifier and Preamplifier case is made out of in the 1908s-today ?

I’m looking at creating a custom stainless steel "open cover" for my tube preamp that will provide more ventilation and would like to paint it in a color that would closely match the rest of the OEM case.

Unfortunately, I can’t really make the open cover out of the stock metal used in most preamp/amp cases so it is going to have to be painted to match.

I’m hoping that some company makes a paint that would be used to cosmetically touch up preamp/amps that have been scratched or damaged.... but so far I’ve struck out in finding something like that.

It happens to be a BAT preamp, but the same metal used in the BAT preamp case appears to be very similar to metal used Mcintosh, Denon, Marantz, Yahama, and almost every other brand.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated !


Thanks guys !

I think I'm going to try the Rust-Oleum products (Self etching primer & custom shop matte black) suggestion on a couple of test pieces.

It looks like the easiest process and definitely worth a try before getting into something more complex.

Thanks again for all the suggestions !!!


This is what the self-etching primer looks like:

Here is the matte black:

When you spray, do quick light coats.  You can even do 3-4 coats.  Wait 5-10 minutes before each coat to allow for initial drying.  If you spray too heavy of a coat, it will bubble and pit and you will not have a smooth finish.

If you have to paint top and bottom sides of a piece, wait 24 hours before turning and doing your multiple-coats on the bottom side.