Transparent or Nordost?

I currently have all Transparent Ultra MM2, but I am thinking of trying out some other cables. Has anyone compared Transparent to Nordost? Specifically Red Dawn LS?
System is listed.

My cables were 1) VdH Jubilee XLR, Renaissance Silver
2) Audioquest King Cobra, Renaissance Silver
are now VdH Jubilee, Transparent Music Wave Super, with
Audia flight CD2, flight 2 and Sonus Faber Concertino Home Rossa.
The Transparent brings dramatic improvement to soundstage, dynamics and power to sound, best at the lower end. However, program matching may be evident or emphasized so need to match cable to your system carefully. Enjoy!
Not sure if it's a matter of which cable is better, but rather one's preferences and system synergy make all the difference.
I've listen to both cables, since using Nordost cables for the past year and selling them for that matter, whehter its been from tube or solid state, I've always felt Nordost has the upper hand in overall performance. When using the Red Dawn series, the sound tends to brighten up and expand the sound so the timing and accuracy is more there. Unless you like a cable that will give you pure bass, it won't be there cable for you. However, when it comes to precise hits on midrage and upper bass its very smooth and accuarte. The highs move very freely so its more of the depth you are hearing than much so of the width.