Tube Preamp Recommendations?

Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum.  I'm on the hunt for a new tube pre-amp.  I think.  It is replacing an aging PSE Hybrid Line Stage 1 preamp.  Several of the RCA outputs on the PSE don't work, the power button is finicky, and it is all original, ostensibly in need of major overhaul.  Labels on capacitors and other parts have fallen off, etc.  I love the slightly warm (to my ear) holographic sound of the PSE.  I would like to upgrade the SQ.  I find bright, high resolution sound like that of my KEF X300A computer desktop speakers very fatiguing after a short period of time.  

My system consists of an Auralic Aries Mini with SBooster power supply > Kimber Kable PBJ RCA interconnects> PSE HL1 > Kimber Kable Hero RCA interconnect > N.E.W. A-20 amp > Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker wire > ProAc Response Two S speakers mounted on very beefy steel stands.  I stream a lot of Tidal on the Aires' Lighting DS app.

My short list of possible replacements are AR SP6, AR SP8, CJ PV10 and Quicksilver Full Function.  Two other options are AI Modulus 3A and ModWright LS 100 (if i can find a good deal on one--it's a stretch for my budget), but I'm afraid these two might be too neutral or bright for my ear.  I'd appreciate any recommendations.  Overhauling the PSE preamp is a possibility, but one audio professional i trust told me i can really improve SQ over the PSE.

Thanks for any tips or advice!
Mechans, thanks for your post.  It's really interesting b/c your take on the SP6B is very consistent with what I've read in other places.  In fact, the drivers in the ProAcs developed torn surrounds a few months ago, so I'm about to send them to Millersound for new surrounds.  Perhaps that is influencing things; the dried out surrounds certainly killed the bass, but I didn't think that would affect imaging and the high end.  I'm going to hold off on further preamp tweaks until I get the speakers fixed.  

Joey54, the PSE is gone--a friend took it.

Giri, yes, i'm very interested in a 6SN7 preamp.  I'm very interested in a Cary or perhaps a Modwright that uses that tube. Thanks for the tip.
Robert1234 - Another options would be a Tube Preamp built by Tom Tutay.  Tom builds the preamps to order so it would take a couple of months to build and he can build it to your needs, but would be well worth it.  I have had one of his preamps for about 6 years and it has excellent imaging and sound qualities.  He uses a pair of 12SN7 tubes in his design which are the 12 volt versions of the 6SN7 tube and cost less. 
Robert1234  Here is a link to a conrad johnson PV-10AL line stage that should deliver that classic warmth and smoothness that typifies classic cj sound.  Good Luck

Thanks, hifiman5.  That went fast.  I'm leaning towards a 6SN7 preamp, but maybe I'll check out a CJ.  Detail and "air" has improved with an AC line conditioner.  Oh, and correcting the inverted speaker polarity once I disconnected the AI preamp. :)  The AR SP6B now sounds quite a bit closer to how mechans described.