Tube Preamps under $1000 used

I'd like to hear form all you space cowboys out there. What do you think is the sweetest sounding, best built, sexiest, pre that a poor audio junkie can purchase on the used market for a maximum of $1000? Of course I'm interested personally and I will use this Forum to narrow my choices and develop and short list for audition. Thanks!
As an amendment to my previous posting, I should mention that the LS-2 is a line only pre-amp. I run a used Audio Research PH3 as my phono preamp. (It cost me $850).

(I don't want to give you the impression that it has a phono stage).

I haven't heard much from the crowd about CJ 10A. I mention this because on the used market they seem to be very reasonably priced. I'm sure there are better sounding amps but for 500-$600?
Try a Quicksilver full function preamp..oh for about $600, very stiff power supply and the midrange of tubes, well, you have to try it.
Music Reference RM-5 MK III. This is nice preamp for the price. Great phono and line stage. Many user don't know how to match this preamp with their amp. It's great for solid state amp not tube amp.