Turntable Isolation

Im looking for an isolation base for my VPI Signature 21. My listening room is over my garage and a times my footfalls cause the table to skip. What have you used that works? 


I have a Townsend under my Sota and nothing can make it skip.  Expensive solution though.

@travisg: If you go with the Townshend, know that a set of 4 Seismic Pods is much cheaper than the Seismic Platform. Place the Pods under a shelf of your choosing (Baltic Birch plywood makes a great shelf) to save some $. 

+1 elliottbnewcombjr

These rubber/cork/rubber sandwiches come in at least 2 sizes.  I use the large ones under my VPI Classic II, which rests on a record cabinet.  Very happy with results.  I have never wanted for more...