Tyler Ref Monitors vs. Dynaudio 1.3 MK11

I'm considering going to a monitor and am wondering if anyone has an opinion on how either of these would match with my system. Or any other suggestions. I currently own a pair of Dynaudio 72's. My price range is 1200-1500. I don't mind buying used. I listen to a little bit of everything but mostly blues, jazz, some rock and roots music. I don't need a massive amount of bass but would like something with some low level impact. My room is roughly 12x15. Here is the rest of my equipment. Thanks.

McCormack DNA125
Rogue 99 Magnum
Cary 303/100
Acoustic Zen Satori spk. cables
ZCable ic's.
I've heard both and not just for a small amount of time--do yourself a favor and get the Tylers. Both are good, but only one captures the nuances of delicate or complex music. While the MKII will have better slam, the Tylers will give more liquidity and tonal balance.

And just as a sidelight--if you ever want to upgrade Tyler is very generous (after a year and a half of use he gave me 90% of the original price).
I bought a pair of top of the line Lynbrooks from Tyler Acostics and they are the best speakers I have ever heard regardless of price. Ty Lashbrook is fanatical about his products and you can buy with great confidence from Ty. Also the prices he charges are very fair, so if you can buy used you will not find a better value in high end speakers.
I had the Tyler Ref monitors for a couple of months before I bought the Dynaudio 1.3 MK II's,they are both great speakers but I the think the Tyler ref monitors will sound better on tube amps,and Dynaudio 1.3 MK II's on solid state amps by a wide margin IMHO, since I have a solid state amp I kept the Dynaudio 1.3 MK IIs. Give this puppies some room to breath and lots of juice and you'll be amazed of what they are capable of.
Hey Jimmymac,

I have to agree w/Rmml about giving the MkII's room to breath and plenty of juice. I have mine 69 1/4" from the back wall and 42 3/4" from the side walls in my 22'x13'x9' room. I'm also driving them w/a Plinius SA-250 MkIV. I've never listened to the Tylers but I did own the Revel M-20's and sold them immediately after hearing the Dyns. I recommend you take a listen to both but I love my Dyns. Good luck w/your decision.....John
Thanks for all the advice. As far as giving speakers some room to breathe; I will only be able to position the speakers about a foot or so from the back wall. Will this be enough for the Dynaudio's or any other rear ported speaker?