Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?

Admittedly, this may come off as an unsophisticated post for audiophiles, but I'm seeking advice nonetheless. 

I have a house with an open floorplan and love entertaining. I'm looking to create the auditory feeling of a high-end nightclub at home, as opposed to having a setup with the goal of creating a single ideal listening point. After traveling to Ibiza and hearing some of the world's best nightclub sound systems I fell in love with how they bathe you in sound. Since I can't fit a Funktion One Dance Stack in my home, I'm curious as to what I should look for in the home audio realm to recreate that feeling of filling a room with powerful sound that isn't super directional. 

With a total initial budget of about 4-6k (1k - 3k for a pair of speakers), what qualities should I begin looking for to create this sort of system? I'm thinking used higher-end speakers might be a better solution. 

I've noticed a few different categories of sorts: some speakers have a single driver with a wide-range, like the Zu Audio Soul, while others have several for different drivers, like B&W 603. I absolutely loved the line-source sound from Martin Logan ESL speakers, but their directionality is exactly the opposite of what I want. Moving 2 feet to the left or right of their line of fire made it sound like the music was coming from the next room over. I live in Los Angeles, so there are plenty of used, good quality, higher-end speakers circulating in the marketplace. Can anybody offer a little guidance to narrow my search for what sort of speakers/amp combination might best accomplish this? 
For $1500.00 look at a pair Cerwin Vega’s XLS-215 on amazon they have free shipping. Add a couple of used Bag End sub and your all set.
Good Luck, TISH P.S. I just saw a pair of Bagend S18E-D ELF subs on ebay for $1500.00, they were 1600.00 a piece when new.
Add those to the Cerwin's and BOOM!!
Klipsch La Scalas with good amps! Don't need massive amounts of power just good clean power!
There are a LOT of great suggestions here, with best occurring multiple times: horns like Klipsch, JBL pro stuff, other brands of powered PA equipment, etc.  Club systems are large, typically horn-loaded, and feature efficient drivers.  In contemporary systems the amplification, whether built-in or external, is class-D, and in this context there's nothing wrong with it.

The  Funktion 1 stuff looks AMAZING but is probably quite expensive.  I would LOVE to hear those speakers in a stereo, audiophile context ... I bet that on big symphonic music they would be ... interesting.

The Cerwin Vega suggestion is inspired.

Using digital room correction is another good idea; I'm pretty sure many powered PA systems now feature it built-in.

Hiring someone who designs PA systems for a living is another REALLY good suggestion.

I hope you come back to this thread and tell us what you did!
You guys all focus on gear and HW...

Imo, first come...
DJ prowess
Electronic effects
Music source
Then, only then, gear