Update From Ron New Day Record Covid 19 Battle

Ron and his whole family have been battling Covid for a month. This is a update he posted on YouTube. Good to hear things are improving and wishing him and family the best.


Watch "Where have I been? Covid-19" on YouTube


Regardless on your view on vaccines, please keep it out of the conversation.  This is an audio forum.

If anti-vaxxers invade this site, I'm leaving.  These idiots are not smart enough to know how to use an on/off switch.  I don't need any audio advice from them.

MODERATORS:   please ban them.   Besides, they have enough to do waiting for JFK to come back to Texas.

Any vaccination that Is being pushed so heavily and shoved down your throat not to mention all the bribery with lotteries and a free hamburger and such, is not a vaccination. It is a sinister plot. A real vaccination was for, ie, the measles and polio.....this fear mongering is ridiculous and profoundly absurd. Also, a mask, you know, the surgical ones? They do not stop a virus, like using a chain link fence to stop a mosquito.....I did not get it, don’t plan on getting it, and have dealt with people all through this whole debacle for 2 full years, and have yet to contract it. It’s all bull crap. Only If you are elderly with existing major health concerns, are you to worry. Ridiculous....let the hate begin! U can p*ss off!

I too wished him and his family a speedy recovery; I also assumed that no one in his house got vaccinated because he shared a lot of his family situation with us but stopped short of saying what their status was.  I've yet to come across anyone who has been vaccinated to be reluctant to share their staus (unless it hurts them politically with their base), whereas the unvaxxed will weave and dodge the question or simply not volunteer the information.  None of my business I understand, just my experience with people so far.  The medical experts with lots of education, training and experience in their specialty are the ones you should get your advice from, because you can find any number of sources on the internet that will confirm or deny anything and everything.