Upgrade to McIntosh

Hello everyone,

I am looking to upgrade my hi-fi sytem.I demod MC 275 recently and loved the tuby,warm house sound of Mcintosh.

I will be pairing them with Sonus Faber Olympica 1.

I am torn between MA352 integrated and MC275+C8 separates. The latter is obviously more costly but I am willing to go for it if there are advantages.

How would the sound differ? What would be the most notable distinction between the two system in your opinion?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the quick reply, right now everything’s new and I’m stoked.

I don't normally recommend anything, but my experience is to try it in your home and as part of your system and hopeful against others that you like, before purchasing.


Really!  It extends your "journey" but I suspect that you will be happy that you did.


I have the 352 running through some A4’s, and an MT5 with a clear audio charisma v2 cart, it sounds incredible and looks amazing. 

@icehawks18  I heard the A4s. They are pleasing speakers.I think the room size/speaker choice is crucial in achieving an optimum sound. I am trying to pair bookshelves with a good sub which takes a lot of trial. Some brands integrate better. REL,SVS micro 3000,Rythmik F12SE... Still hard to make a choice.

How is the low end response with the MA352? Since its SS on the output, I guess youa re satisfied with the bass?


@femoore12 I have my reservations about the internal DAC2 installation. You see the DACs keep improving so do the connection types that come with them. Is it really worth the extra $1000 McIntosh internal DAC2 rather than trying out different external DACs giving you more freedom and opportunities.That is a dilemma.