UPS and FedEx alternatives

Have to ship an amp soon and given my prior poor luck with UPS and FedEx I am hesitant to use them again. Anybody have any other suggestions for shipping companies for ground shipping? Package will weight about 100 pounds.
Hi Jeremy, your better off shipping US Postal Parcel Post for 100lbs, You've seen the videos of UPS and FedEx drivers throwing packages like HDTV's over the fence, "I’m sure they all do it, even US mail" I ship with US postal all over the US every few days and I can only think off 2 times maybe 3 times of shipments being return due to sender not there to sign or damaged. But that’s like every 100 orders or so. Just get tracking and insurance from the US Mail when you send out. I'm not sure what the limitations for something that heavy. US Mail might have restrictions on the weight and size.
Thanks. You might be right on the restrictions on US parcel post deliveries, another factor is insurance. I wonder if freight companies like Fedex freight or Panther ship ground packages to residential. There's got to be more than a couple alternatives.
DHL is (I think) the third big player in that business. You could try them.