USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC

I'm considering purchasing an Audiowise SRC-DX USB to Dual-Coax Bridge.  This would replace the current Curious Cable Evolve USB connection from my Innuos Phoenix USB and Chord Qutest DAC.  Looking at a relatively inexpensive tweak, that's supposed to have a significant impact on the performance of my DAC and SQ of my streaming experience.  My current set up sounds excellent, but not as good as my other source components listed below.

Anyone have experience with USB to Coax converters?  Coax cables? Interested in your comments and feedback.

My streaming set up is Innuos Zenith Mk3 (with 4TB SSD and Qobuz), Innuos Phoenix USB, Chord Qutest DAC with Sbooster PSU.  I'm committed to the Quest and not interested in chasing DAC Nirvana by upgrading to a TT2, DAVE, or any other DAC priced at $5K or above.

My system is an Anthem MRX 540 pre-amp, Anthem MCA 325 power amp, B&W 804s, B&W CC and Surrounds, REL S/510 sub (only room for one), Denon DCD A110 SACD player (my best source component), Modwright Oppo105 universal player, EAT C Sharp turntable with Sutherland phono pre-amp. 


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The Cable Company is letting me borrow the Audience Cable for two weeks.  However, the 30 day clock is ticking on the DH Labs.  It expires on 2/9.  In essence, I have until next Friday to make my decision whether to purchase the Audience cable.  I keep both while I audition the Audience.  This is helpful to comparing them as you suggested.

More to come.

Update:  After listening to the Audience Studio One USB cable with my Bricasti M3 for about a week, I decided to purchase it.  It’s way more money than I’ve ever spent on a cable, but my ears told me to go for it.

The Bricasti/Studio One combination performed as @audphile1 described.  The music was fuller, more natural and there was significantly more bass.  Listening to the 24/192 version of Steely Dan’s Aja on Qobuz, my jaw was dropping with each song.  Everything I played sounded, OMG, unbelievably great.

So, thanks to all that chimed in, and for convincing me that I needed to get a new DAC to elevate my streaming experience to beyond my wildest expectations.

Now, I have one more request.  I have a near mint Qutest and SBooster linear power supply to sell.  Any thoughts as to which site I should list these items for sale?


@drlou77 phew I was beginning to worry :)

glad you like the Audience! It’s amazing an improvement a good USB cable can make. 

The two sites I use exclusively to buy/sell equipment are this site and the US Audio Mart. Good luck! And enjoy the upgrades!

@audphile1 @adasdad @drlou77  I’ve followed this thread with interest and I’m glad everything worked out for the OP.  I’d like to add that it’s not really a valid comparison to compare a Qutest DAC to a Qutest and MScaler combination like @adasdad is using.  The MScaler takes the Qutest to a far superior level.  And it takes time for the MScaler to burn-in, partly due to the stock SMPS supplied with it. 

The improvement is profound. Detailed and smooth/natural.  I also found myself stretching to buy $1000+ cables because I could now hear the improvement they make.  I was already set for power cables. These new ones were USB and Ethernet cables!  With each one I could hear the improvement in my system.  The Qutest and MScaler combination made that possible.  Well, in addition to a Shunyata Denali 6000 v2 that helped get noise out.  In general, 24/44 and 24/48 music sounds much better than 16/44. With the Qutest alone and prior to the upgrades I couldn’t hear any difference.