USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC

I'm considering purchasing an Audiowise SRC-DX USB to Dual-Coax Bridge.  This would replace the current Curious Cable Evolve USB connection from my Innuos Phoenix USB and Chord Qutest DAC.  Looking at a relatively inexpensive tweak, that's supposed to have a significant impact on the performance of my DAC and SQ of my streaming experience.  My current set up sounds excellent, but not as good as my other source components listed below.

Anyone have experience with USB to Coax converters?  Coax cables? Interested in your comments and feedback.

My streaming set up is Innuos Zenith Mk3 (with 4TB SSD and Qobuz), Innuos Phoenix USB, Chord Qutest DAC with Sbooster PSU.  I'm committed to the Quest and not interested in chasing DAC Nirvana by upgrading to a TT2, DAVE, or any other DAC priced at $5K or above.

My system is an Anthem MRX 540 pre-amp, Anthem MCA 325 power amp, B&W 804s, B&W CC and Surrounds, REL S/510 sub (only room for one), Denon DCD A110 SACD player (my best source component), Modwright Oppo105 universal player, EAT C Sharp turntable with Sutherland phono pre-amp. 


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@audphile1 I agree with you. But I consider the MScaler to be a component rather than an add-on. I’ve communicated with several Dave and TT2 owners who also have an MScaler. The Qutest and MScaler together and their cables require only one shelf in my audio rack. Same as a Bricasti M3 or Mola Mola or Rockna or most other high-end DACs. My goal is to buy a Dave when the “new Dave” is released. Hopefully the old Dave will go on sale!

if I didn’t have a DAC and was building a nice high-end digital streaming system I too would probably choose a Bricasti M3 over purchasing both a Chord Qutest and a Chord MScaler. But when you already own a Qutest for two years and like it, the MScaler brings it to a much higher level of performance. There’s really no comparison.

And the Qutest-MScaler combination pairs well with my all tube amplification. System synergy strikes again.

P.S. For future readers. Both the Qutest and the MScaler require a significant amount of burn-in. Don’t judge them too early in your evaluation regardless whether purchased individually or together.  And leave them powered up 24x7. 

@txp1 I did not.

I am still awaiting the delivery of the Audience Studio One USB cable.  I tested a sampler and had to return it.

I just got a UPS Tracking # sent tonight, so I should have it very soon.

Once I'm back on-line with streaming, I am going to test a higher quality ethernet cable, as others have suggested, and see if it makes a difference.


Audience Studio One USB in back in my system and it sounds fabulous.

Last matter: ethernet cable up grade.  I'm considering upgrading the one from my router to my mesh router.  I'm thinking that a modest upgrade will be fine here.

The other would be from my plain vanilla ethernet switch to my streamer.  Here's what I have to choose from that I can borrow and return from the Cable Company:

Any and all opinions are welcome.


PS - if you know of another vendor that will let me borrow, audition and return cables, please suggest them too.