Usher DMD tweeter upgrade: worth it?

Is the Usher DMD tweeter a BIG upgrade over the BE? I have BE-718s (US ver) and like them a lot, but we always want to take it to the next level if possible, right? The cost of tweeters alone is $700, which is pretty steep, so is it worth the price?
Mini Dancer One’s with the diamond tweeters.
Bought second hand - about 7 years old now.
Best speakers I’ve ever owned - I never want to switch my system off and go to bed. I listen all night.
Forget about what it’s made of, or the technical specifications, or any of the other bull$h!t.
Just listen to them. 
You won’t go back.
Yes.  I own a set of these as well.  They do in fact sound wonderful.  If I could somehow take the treble from my Ushers and put it with the midrange and bass from my Tektons I do believe I would own the perfect loudspeaker.  Oh, and not only do the Dancer Mini Ones sound great, they look good too!
There are many Usher dealers, including me, but Katli does not list them.   I am a massive fan of Usher speakers and have experience with almost every model, including the T-515 that is a rarity to find in the US.   I got a second-hand pair of Be-10 and immediately upgraded the tweeters - the difference was not subtle.  The diamond tweeters are some of the best I've heard, bar none.  If you think several hundred for a pair of diamond tweeters is expensive, try and get a pair of B&W diamond tweeters...
The pair on AG currently are boasting cardas internal wiring and i've read some xover upgrades offer better performance. I'm not sure what needs improving or what long term listening will show but I would like to see more exposure for the brand. I like that Ushers don't need uber expensive electronics to play dynamically. it really makes them feel like that much more of a bargain.
As a current and long time owner of Usher Mini-Dancer 2 DMD speakers I wanted to know if anyone has replaced the supplied footers with Isoacoustics Gaia footers and their carpet based spikes? Was it an improvement or not?