using different amps for Bi-amping ,any good ?? l

Hi, Having done upgrading my spkr and amps;next thought of Bi-amping my spkr(Bi-wireable).My current amps- all tube Preamp(with 2 set of Pre-Out) and Hybrid Amp(160Wx2).
My question is : How about using 2 different type and different power out put amp for Bi-amping ? Any good ?? (I mean I still have my NAD C370/120Wx2,SS,can be use as power amp;it also has 2 set of Pre-Out socket)
Your opinion and suggestions would be highly appreciated and thanks in advance
Hi,Tobias. Pardon me, I was referring B-wiring (NOT Bi-amping)would reproduce less/meaner Bass ,some said the sound is not as coherent as with Single-wiring .
Just wonder does anybody have such negative/or other negative on Bi-WIRING ?

Biwiring works well on some speakers, and by reports it does not work well for others. My own experience includes the AR2ax and the Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod.

The AR model was introduced long before biwiring became popular, so it is a safe bet that its crossover was not specifically designed with biwiring in mind. Nevertheless it sounded better to me when biwired. Highs became clearer and bass did not suffer.

The Meadowlark Shearwater's crossover was designed for biwiring. The manufacturer recommends you run it that way and that's how it sounds best to me.

Other people have had negative experiences with biwiring; try searching the archives here and at Audio Asylum. I guess you just have to try it with your speakers and amp.
I think biwiring is system dependent. I use all Linn gear myself, which is made with the intention of upgrading: bi-wiring, then multi-amping passive, then multi-amping active. When I took a pair of single wired Linn speakers and bi-wired, I noticed an immediate improvement. It wasn't great but it was noticeable. The cliche that reviewers use about "lifting a veil" applied. When I passively bi-amped, I also noticed a difference. Again, it wasn't great, but noticeable. Better bass, and background detail improved. For bi-amping passively. the improvement was not so great. I don't know if it was a particularly cost effective upgrade. I think that one good amp will outperform two mediocre amps. However, if you go active, that's a significant upgrade. I would regard passive bi-amping only as an intermediary step towards going active. As noted above, if you are not going active, it might be better to invest in a single better amp, rather than passively bi-amping with two mediocre amps.