Using Wiim as a timer/alarm clock, triggering the whole system

Not sure if this is the right forum section for this. Happy to move it.

Is there an easy, affordable way to use the Wiim (attached to a vintage receiver) as a timer/alarm clock, so that the Wiim’s timer triggers the whole system (including receiver) to turn on (respective off)?


I should probably mention that my receiver itself doesn’t have a trigger-in option



You can buy relatively inexpensive "outlet" timers. I use one when on vacation to turn on and off at various times during the day and night lights and loud stereo.

I use an analog timer, but I am sure there are digital times if you need accuracy.


I should add that if you need a source that will play automatically you probably will need a CD player or FM tuner as input to the WIIM.  I don't think a WIIM will stream automatically on startup.


Thank you, Itmandella.

There is a wake-up/sleep timer function in the Wiim app that turns the Wiim on and plays whatever music service and playlist you pick. 

What I was looking for was something that turns on my receiver, when the Wiim turns on and plays.

With a regular timer, I could have my receiver turned on, and the Wiim at the same time, but that way (as you pointed out), the Wiim probably won‘t automatically stream/play. 

What I’m not sure about with the regular outlet timer method, is, if that would bypass the receiver’s built-in delayed power-on function (for protection), and if so, if that’s bad for the receiver. 

I just came across the Emotiva ET-3.
Not sure if that could do the trick? 
Can it do what I want? Can I use the Wiim’s timer/alarm to trigger the other receivers to turn on/off with this?