Vacuum Tube Valley show in Los Angeles Nov. 19-20,

This coming weekend in Los Angeles is the Vacuum Tube Valley audio show, which despite the name is not limited to tube gear. Admission is free.

Loudspeaker exhibitors include Edgarhorn, Cogent, Cain & Cain, Zu, Sonist, The Horn Loudspeaker Company, PHY-HP, AER, Jumping Cactus, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, Shindo Labs, Royal Device, and yours truly. Most of these are fairly high efficiency lines, and some are extremely high efficiency.

If you stop by my room, let me know you're from Audiogon. Hoping to meet some of ya'll there.

This VTV show was really great. I've posted my reaction to Audiokinesis' new fostex-based speaker (the "Cheetah") on audioasylum, but this speaker also deserves awareness here on A'gon. Duke of Audiokinesis has designed an incredible bipole design with 8" fostex driver doing most of the work wideband, supplemented by two 6" woofers driven by a built-in plate amp (I hope I am close on this description). All for $1,900 a pair. This speaker must have a high "parts-to-total-cost-ratio". Of course that means nothing if it doesn't sound good. But, this speaker sounds spectacular. Great tonal balance, very fullsome sound but with clarity in the vocals. At 93 or 94 db, it can be driven by a wide range of amplifiers. This speaker sounds waaaaay better than $2k.