Vandersteen 5A dynamics and bass response.

I am thinking of purchasing 5As or 7s when they come out. My hesitations are two fold: Is this speaker dynamically limited? Will the bass response live up to my expectations? I currently use a pair of Infinity RS1Bs which have 12 servo controlled bass woofers. Although the midrange and high frequencies leave something to be desired (veiled) the bass response is excellent and clean on the 1Bs. I suspect the 5As will never move enough air to make me happy. The posts on the dynamic limitations of the 5As are mixed. Are there dynamic limitations to this speaker if it is paired with the proper amplification? The RS1Bs are very dynamic and will play as loud as one could want at least with the VTL 300 and Perreaux 3150 amps that are driving them. Anyone have experience with these issues?
Don't under estimate the capability of the vandy subs. With push/pull cones and over 400 watt ss amps per side, they can push a lot of air effortlessly. Plus, the quality of the bass achievable with the compensation controls coupled with the ability to tune the subs to the room is quite an advantage.

I'm not sure I understand your concern about dynamic limitations. The 5/7s are 8 ohm speakers which are very easy to drive (due to the high pass filters and the limited impedance variations). It only takes about 100 watts of clean tube amplification to make these sing, with especially georgous mid range and very clean and not harsh high range performance.

As always, everyone has different preferences and it would very interesting if you could try the 5/7s in your room and report back the findings.
By the way, I forgot to mention that my previous listening room was 18' W, 34' L and had a cathedral ceiling which peaked at 12'H, and was also open into a large entry/stairwell and a hallway at the rear. I had the 5As in this room for several years and the response was fantastic. Fairly high listening levels (85-90db) were achieved with my Ref 3 pre volume at only about 1/3 of max., and the music including the bass could be heard effortlessly throughout the house. It never occured to me that I needed any more low end or needed any more power. Based on this experience, I could recommend you give these a try.
Ruxtonvet, thats a very nice room. I have 5As that are in a 17'w x 10'h x 27'long room so you do have some extra volume but I think I would be happy if my room was the same size as yours.

Recent changes in my system, adding a ARC Ref 5 linestage and Ref 2 phono has my system producing the best bass and dynamics that it ever has. I am very happy with all aspects right now.

As I have made changes over the years it is very easy to hear the improvements and differences.

Unless you want crazy volume levels, the Vandys should wouk great. BTW, I get a flat 20HZ out of mine on the low end. It makes a big difference on a lot of music.