Vandersteen speakers and biwiring

Does anyone have experience with Vandersteen speakers and using a true biwire (not where the cables are sheathed together except for 6 inches where they connect to the speaker, but where there are two separate lines of cable being used)? What were the results? Was the sound drastically better than a single wire run with a jumper?
I dont own V's but from different speakers I have owned over the years Chapman's Maggies M-L's etc. I have found (RV's advice noted) that I usually prefer bi-wiring but not always the same cable to high and low. Try out several cables until you find a combination that works for you! (dont listen to naysayers)
a friend owned some 2Cs a while back and when we bi wired them I was shocked at the improved control of the bass and bigger more open sound. This was one of my first times hearing the difference with bi wire and a learning experience too.